February 19th, 2002


Know my name

I have been thinking off and on about something shmitz wrote about names and pseudonymes (February 14). Somehow, it did not occur to me to hide my identity. Itlandm is not a pseudonym, it's a handle I got 25 years ago when userid could be max 8 chars long. I was the only M. Itland with access to a computer anywhere in the world, and did not expect this to change for a while. In fact, I have not found that userid taken anywhere yet.

Of course, things might have been different if I felt a reason to fear. But I am neither rich, famous or female; nobody wants anything from me so badly we can't be reasonable about it. So why should I hide? Yes, I am a Christian, but we're not being shot currently, just thrown in jail for a while when we refuse to kill in the name of the nation. And I sincerely hope I won't hide even if this changes again.

I am Magnus Itland, the only Magnus Itland in the world, the only Magnus Itland that has ever been. And I'm pretty good at it, if I may say so myself.