January 24th, 2002



Last evening I fell asleep in my chair while playing DAoC, and dreamt that I played DAoC. This cannot possibly be a good sign.

(And the chair is really that comfortable. I got it from the CEO's office at a company I helped with some programming once. It is a bit worn now, but still very comfortable with good neck support. Essential for falling asleep in front of your PC.)
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The condensed version

Writing a daily diary really helps you know yourself. But do you really want to do that?

Today: My brain says I should help the people who need it most, not those who are most like myself. But my heart says "I'm not listening, la la la la". I am told hearts do this a lot.

1 year ago: How can I be so carelessly open about my life and so shy about my fiction?

2 years ago: When I had newly aquired the game Daggerfall, I used to practice my stealth skill by butt-hunting on the streets.

3 years ago: I must have been thinking way too much about pregnancies lately.
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    Stronger than before (by Infinity)