January 14th, 2002


Hope springs eternal ...

or at least it's kinda springy still. Now downloading the beta client for Dark Age of Camelot European version. I even got me a password. :) 14 more hours of download and it's time to try ... hmm ...

I bought the British magazine "PC Gamer" (mis-spelled as "PC Gamers" on http://www.camelot-europe.com/ ) which was supposed to have the client. It set me back around �15, and eventually I found that said software was only in the DVD version (which seemed to be sold out at our shop, unsurprisingly). It would have been kind of nifty if the website had mentioned this minor detail. On the bright side, I got to read lots of other fluff about upcoming games. I can't believe there can be market for all those games ... but then again, competition will bring out the best in some people. In others, it only brings in more marketing.

I really wonder if the French company is better at handling foreign credit cards than the American. It would be sad if they were not, given that the great majority of the world's credit cards are foreign to them ... still, I guess I should have another fad ready just in case.
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"Everyone" is a lightwalker

I did not know the word "lightwalker" was so insanely popular. I had only seen it used one place that I know, and now I see it has a basketload of wildly different meanings. Blah. I'll use another then, in the off case that I would ever publish anyting of this stuff. Lightwielder perhaps, thought it has a slightly different flavor. More aggressive. I'm not sure I like that. Even "lightweaver" seems a bit too active. These people do not command the Light, they serve it.

Not that any of this makes sense to anyone else, I guess. I'm writing a fantasy story set in a world where black and white magic are proven and effective and open to all who can read; but each of them carries its own price that may be heavier than a youth had calculated with.

At least there are limits to how autobiographical this could be! ^*^
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Someone else's song

You know how hard it can be
to go around feeling happy all of the time.
You know how hard it can be
to share a smile with everyone,
when you really feel like being alone.

(Ease up your mind, Infinity.)
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    "Ease up your mind" by Infinity