January 13th, 2002


Game over.

Well, that was a fun month of playing Dark Age of Camelot. However, like some other randomly chosen businesses on the Net, they don't accept my credit card. Bookstores and flower shops usually do, most others don't. This turned out to be one of the most others.

Perhaps I should try EverQuest now. Or perhaps not.

[EDIT: It could have something to do with the incomprehensible fact that I'm not American. It probably costs extra to check for non-American cards.]
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I wake up in the gray light of day, my head filled with ideas of things to do in Camelot. Then I remember: I cannot go back. I can never even say goodbye to my comrades in arms. I wonder how long they waited for me to return?

Oh well. Better luck with something else, I guess. I wonder if the European version, which comes in February, takes Norwegian credit cards? I guess I should ask them before I buy. (Yes, it requires a separate client for some reason. It supports different languages, too.)
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    "Better times are coming now". Yeah, right.

Proud to be a furry

Click logo for someone else's opinion. I'm just tagging along - I'm not even American. But given that 4 million Americans claim to have been abducted by aliens, I'm not surprised that some have also found interesting uses for plush toys. (Somehow I don't see a porcupine toy finding much action, but suit yourselves.)