January 12th, 2002


What can we kill with macaroni?

I took a nap in the early evening and woke up only just before midnight. And then from a surreal dream. First there was this medieval type fighting, then I went fishing, and then I was with my best friend and some friends of her at the same place where we had been fishing, sitting outdoors watching an action flick on DVD and making comments. Some guy claimed that you could fish by setting electricity to the water, which would kill the fish. After the movie some of us were preparing to take a trip to town, and made a list of things to buy (by then it was pretty much evening already). Someone asked me to buy macaroni, and it was when I replied: "What can we kill with macaroni?" that I woke up.
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Voices in my head

(Actually they are not voices in the sense that I might mistake them for anyone else; but they are distinct verbalized thoughts originating independently from the conscious thought process. And "voices in my head" sure is easier to remember.)

I was taking a bathroom break when I suddenly noticed the following snippet of conversation in my brain:
"Things change."
"But some people don't."
"Don't look at me, I'm not the one acting like a 6 year old."
"Are too!"

That last retort really cracked me up, and the voices suddenly fell still, probably aware that I was listening. Heh. I could use this in a novel sometime.
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