January 1st, 2002


Happy New Year!

Yes, it is indeed 2002 here in Norway, and has been a while. I was busy protecting some guy in Albion when the fireworks went off here, but I did hear them at least. ^*^
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Drunk on music

Been senselessly repeating Dancing naked in the rain by Infinity for an hour and a half, writing. It is a really bouncy melody, even though the text is not quite you might think. Allison, you'll read all about it my other journal.

Oh, and I just can't decide on a class in Dark Age of Camelot. There are some that stand out. Paladins are good in groups and can survive alone. A Cabbalist is never alone, because he can summon a Golem in seconds. (Theurgists can summon elementals, I should look into that too.) Clerics have the distinct benefit that they can cast powerful blessings on other people without grouping with them. I like to help people who just happen to pass by. I just can't decide ...
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    "Dancing naked in the rain" by Infinity