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Dreams of Gods and pizza

I just woke up from the strangest dream. It involved a male God, a female God(dess), Phone Girl from work, and me. The Gods were not gods of anything. They were both omnipotent and responsible for everything, but they had very different attitudes. Their voices were both quite young, but the male God had actually been doing this for some time, while the female God had just recently started in the job.

It all started when reality had to be changed, because it went terribly wrong. No big deal: God (collectively) patched the world and started the new version running right before the crash (I'd say max a couple hours, but more than a few minutes). This was all fine, except Phone Girl had this pizza she had made in the now discarded reality, and it was such a wonderful pizza. She absolutely wanted it, but in this reality it had become lost to her. She appealed to God to bring over the pizza. How hard could it be, after all? God was God. Surely it was just a simple drag-and-drop.

The female God was kinda sympathetic but it could absolutely not be done. She could however erase Phone Girl's memories of the pizza, which was what should have happened, and wouldn't this have the same effect? She would no longer remember the pizza and thus never miss it again and be quite happy with things. But Phone Girl was horrified at the thought of forgetting the best pizza she had ever made. Even if she did not get it back, she would still want to remember it.

At this point male God broke into the conversation. He asked her to describe the pizza, but her description was pretty vague except that it was so perfect. I had to help her by asking about its size, shape, consistency, what particular ingredients were in it ... Female God was unhappy that God and I was stringing the girl along, keeping up her hope that she might get the pizza. It was absolutely against the rules, and nobody had ever heard about such a thing being done. But male God instead asked more questions of Phone Girl, about the reboot and whether she understood what had been done and why. He seemed quite intrigued.

It was at this point that I realized that female God was clinging to the rules and also insisted to be called God and never act out of character, because she was so new and uncertain of herself. Male God was free of doubt; he was God, and knew it, so he didn't mind dropping out of the role from time to time and doing stuff with his friends. He knew he was God and wouldn't mess it up no matter what. But female God was inexperienced and uncertain, and so she was inflexible.

"This is why God can use so few people" I realized. "They are too full of themselves. God could give anyone powers to do the impossible, if only they..."

And then I woke up.
[EDIT] On waking up, I realized that male God reminded me of Dan "orangecat" Panamaroff for some reason.
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