December 1st, 2001


Yay! Irony!

For some reason, my connection is much more stable now, when I don't try to be online so much anymore. I don't hang out for hours in the AR channel. I don't try to download whole songs, most days. I try to be quick, to read my online comics and stuff and go offline before the phone bill grows too big. (We still pay per minute here in the wilderness, though people in the city have ADSL at fixed price.) Well, back when I tried to be online for hours, the computer would disconnect every few minutes. Now it seems to hang on as long as I do. I guess it brings bad luck to mention it, but I'm not superstit

I'm not keeping away

It's just that I've been playing first Civ3 and then Sims Hot Date till 2-3 in the night most nights, so there isn't much time to be in forums or chat rooms. I can barely keep up with my favorite web comics!

And now that it's finally weekend, I got the urge to write about anthro squirrels. I've written a few pages. If my wrist holds, I should have played more Daggerfall. The lycanthrope guild kicked in, but I did not manage to find the contact person so I had to go back to an earlier save. (I am playing the Werefall add-on.) And I still have not written that detective quest for Daggerfall. My, life goes fast when one has fun, doesn't it?
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