November 10th, 2001



For some reason when I left work yesterday, I was convinced that I had lots of yoghurt in the fridge. Only when I came home, did I realize that I had eaten the last of them the night before. There were little else in the fridge, and this morning there was basically the margarin left. So I took a long walk to the local grocer. Arrived there and discovered that I had forgotten my money back home, except for ca $5 which I had in my pocket. There was no price on the yoghurt (contrary to Norwegian law, which insists that all packaged goods shall be priced either on the packaging or the shelf). So I did not know exactly how many I could afford. I ended up buying 3 fewer than I could have.

Still, it feels good to have some yoghurt again. Now, time to take the bus to town and get some more food for the weekend. No way am I trudging back to the local grocery for a second helping. I am weird, but not that weird. (It doesn't help that there's a home for the mentally retarded in the same area as the grocery.)

Oh wait. My bus card expired at midnight. I don't usually go to town on weekends, so I would normally wait until Monday, saving a few dollars by making the card last that much longer. (They last for 30 days each.) I think I'll walk to the other crocery, which is half an hour or so away.

Either that, or I'll eat spaghetti with margarin and salt this weekend. I haven't quite made up my mind yet ...
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Food II

Warning: Do not go shopping while hungry! Especially not if you have to carry the goods home afterwards for half an hour, in the general direction of uphill.

Hmm. I wonder why legs get weary after a while? I mean, they run on oxygen and carbohydrates, both of which are completely eliminated in the process and become harmless carbon dioxide and water, which are eliminated through breathing. So why cannot legs go on indefinitely? I understand when you run, there is not time to break down the carbohydrates completely and you end up accumulating lactic acid in the muscles. But walking is slow enough that I would imagine the sugar and fat is completely burned.

I wish I had my best friend here. She has studied the human body for years (medically, not erotically) and could probably describe the process in great detail. Or at least I hope she could. Actually she seems mostly interested in the blood and gore aspect of the medical profession. I worry about her sometimes...
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Curiosity killed Schroedinger's cat

So I'm drinking water, taking the occasional walk around the floor to keep my legs from stiffening, and reading online about muscle metabolism. That's just so me: Like a small child, I become curious about the things that everybody knows "just is that way and always have been".
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