October 28th, 2001


College dreams

I had this incredibly long dream this morning. It was actually more like a series of dreams glued together by a recurring theme. In the dream, I attended college. It was not a flashback to when I was younger - in the dream I was older than most all of the students. I was mostly alone, though I got two fairly good friends there. (They were already friends of each other before I met them.) There were also friendly girls. The dream spanned so long a time that it included how I first came to know the two guys, and it ended while I tried to make up my mind whether I would attend the second year too. But in between were other dream sequences that were not really about college at all. These sequences varied from the realistic to the weirdest fantasy. I'll try to sort them by weirdness.
-For instance, there was one episode where I went out to buy a little snack food and there was this middle-aged stinking drunk who came up shouting profanities and grabbing at me, and the person in the little shop called the police.
-And there was this episode where I was visiting a very very small shop near the place that I grew up (the shop does not exist in the real world) and the owner accused me of trying to cheat him, and demanded that I also pay for some stuff that my aunts had supposedly not paid for several decades ago ...
-And there was this episode where I trailed a march of Jews through a grimly hostile area, and I was afraid that the Palestinians would shoot at us, but there was only one shot and it did not hit anyone.
-And there were at least two episodes where magical monsters went berserk in the southern part of the campus, slinging fire madly and particularly after me for some reason. Once again, I evaded them. I don't know who took care of them, it wasn't really my responsibility, I was just a student there.
And once down by the harbor I saw something completely unearthly. It floated in the air over the harbor, rather high up, and seemed like a school of jellyfish connected by strings. Not really, but that is the closest I can come. It was not like any life form I have ever seen, but it looked to be organic rather than mechanical. Yet it was larger than any single life form on Earth; I am not sure if the bubbles were individuals or part of a larger organism, but I am pretty sure the thin stringy tubes between them were permanent. While I looked, it flew off at an unnatural speed. The hairs on my neck were standing straight up, yet I was surprisingly calm, like it exceeded reality by so much that I could not even feel fear.
I guess this dream may be caused by hanging out with all the weird college students on IRC and livejournal. That, and the throwaway thoughts about going back to college to get a real education. If so, it would be my subconscious saying "no way dude - that would just be too weird"...
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Not only in cartoons

I had been sitting in the living room for like 3 hours, then I went to the bathroom and took a shower. And while I was showering, the phone rang. I mean, it's not every week someone calls me, and then they manage to do so while I'm in the shower. (I only shower a few minutes each day - I don't adhere to the American use of showers, and besides I'm over 40 years old., believe it or not.) Anyway, I turned off the shower and set off for the phone. But I was dripping wet and the floor is not carpeted, it's some kind of linoleum that turns slippery when wet. I did not fall, but I had to balance like I was on ice, and of course the phone stopped ringing when I was 1 meter away. Now I'll never know who it was.

On the bright side, 2 out of 3 phone calls are wrong number. Out of the rest, about half are from the phone company trying to get me to subscribe to some new service or asking how satisfied I am with the ones I already have. (I kinda doubt they work on Sundays, though.) Most of the rest is some old friend or relative who suddenly remember me when their computer unexpectedly dies.
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