October 17th, 2001


Strange dream

After 3 hours of sleep I woke up from this dream. It had begun innocently enough, with me perfecting the personal rocket. We're not talking about space travel here, but for flying to work etc. The genial construction was a triangular framework that met over your head like some kind of pyramid, made out of strong lightweight material. Anyway, I returned to the farm where I grew up and told the great news of my success to my oldest brother and my sister. (I don't have a sister.) I find them near the upper barn, where they are engaged in some kind of sport - darts, I think. I tell them the good news, they are not particularly impressed. My brother is more interested in dark elves. My sister is fascinated by spiders. We go up to the Oak Ridge, which is nearby. (In the dream there is a good road there, while in reality you have to climb a horrible narrow path in the sheer cliff side.) My sister suddenly wants milk and we're run out of it in the little cabin on the Ridge (there is no cabin there) and she goes down to the farm. I idly open a shelf and sees the collection of dark elf magazines. Then I see it, near the waterfall. A spider, and it is big. Not so big as to be obviously impossible, but about the size of a dinner plate. I retreat back to the cabin, but suddenly it is there, and it comes straight at me. As the dream ends, I am trying to hide under the blanket while the spider is trying to get at me, and all I want is for my sister to come back because I know the spider is there for her and she would like it.

I wake up and am so horrified by the giant spider that there is no way I can go back to sleep even with the light on. I hate, loathe and fear big spiders, even though I think small ones are cute.
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