October 12th, 2001


Thinking of ...

What Jackie will never know is that I'm thinking of her almost every day. Why do I do that? Because since summer I've based my passwords on her names! Yes indeed. It started when she wasn't writing anymore and I didn't want to forget her, and then it became kinda like a tradition.
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Ack! It happened again. It was like 22:20 in the night and I was playing Daggerfall "just a few minutes more". My level 3 character was travelling from one School of Julianos to another across Tulune, to learn more lockpicking. And then suddenly there was a movement in the dark of the night, and a thief came toward me with drawn sword. Just like in the bad dreams. I was paralyzed with fear. The hairs on my body stood straight up (and there's a lot of them, let me tell you). At first I could not think at all. Then I started to back up, while drawing my sword. Then I remembered that I was playing a freaking GAME and this wasn't really real. But I was still like totally freaked out, because I had been in the game and been one with my character when this happened. I killed the thief - or rather my character did - by swinging the sword while walking slowly backward. But the scare remained in my body, and I left the game shortly after.

You know what really sucked? I had to go out and fetch the mail afterwards, and it was dark night outside. Never again! Until tomorrow ...
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