October 9th, 2001


Oh, and ...

I ordered a new battery pack and external power supply for the old Toshiba. It will cost me about $200, but I've like totally killed the old. The portable doesn't run on battery for more than seconds now, and the power cord must be inserted just right to work at all. It is probably not too safe in the long run.

So now I've brought all three machines up to current standards, or at least tried: The desktop, the handheld and the laptop. I sure hope this works out better than the desktop, though. It has now completely given up any pretense at connecting to the Internet. As soon as the rains leave, it is scheduled to leave my home. (I refuse to spend more money on taxi to get it to town. I won't throw good money after bad any longer.)
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Internet high

Woo! I'm on a connection high. I bought a new modem cable to the new computer. It's not that the old cable didn't work with the portable, but the pin that should click in place in the modem has been broken for weeks if not months; never a good sign. Anyway, I plugged in the new cable. It did not click into place in the modem - presumably the modem is built slightly differently than all others I have tried - but it connected on first ring.

You know, computers are like women. When you buy them something new, you have no way to guess beforehand whether they will perform better or refuse to talk to you afterwards ... ^*^
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