October 7th, 2001


The things we do ...

It took me almost two hours to get on the Internet today. When I started a bit past noon, the internal modem (in the North computer, cursed be their logo) did not react to incoming signals. It dialed out, waited for timeout, and dialed again. And again. Then I connected to the external modem that I used with the portable. Now it came as far as verifying user name and password, then complained that I hadn't configured right for the server. (This configuration worked yesterday evening, and I've been alone in the apartment all night.) So just to do something, I set up a new connection with the same parameters. Came online at first try. Now I don't dare disconnect, because who knows when it will work again.

Anyway, what I had meant to write (around noon) was that I have returned to Baldur's Gate II, armed with an online walkthrough. (From Gamespot, blessed be their logo). In principle, I hate games where you need walkthrough. If I want to go through someone else's story, I'll buy a book (or rent a DVD, perhaps, these days). But if I ever am to play BGII online, I need to get to know the game. Oh, the things we do for love! Or friendship, at least.
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