October 5th, 2001


One of those mornings

I got up after only 5 hours of sleep (thank you, orgasm), showered for quite a while and took the time to install the Sync software for my pocket PC on the desktop computer. (It worked today again, but don't tell it or it will stop.)

When I ran for the bus, I decided to not take an outdoors jacket despite the chill - I don't work outdoors, and I would have to move so fast to the bus that I would be quite hot enough. Then on the bus I remembered that I was carrying a note from the post office, to pick up the RAM card for Cassie the Pocket PC. So I jumped off at Tangvall, where our post office is, and fetched the packet. Returning to the local bus station, I found that they had axed one of the morning buses, so I would not wait for 12 minutes but 42. It did get a bit chilly toward the end. And I did not come early to work at all - in fact, I only came a minute before the lastest I'm allowed to.

I hope y'all feel better now. But! The memory card seems to work. (Crosses fingers.)
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Baldur's Gate II

So I eventually bought BG2, the roleplaying game. Yeah, I know I am way late. But it was cheap, and I have at least sporadic internet access from a computer strong enough to actually play the game on. I've heard that with this game you can play online cooperative games with your friends. Now that I have friends, at least online ones, this sounds a lot more interesting.

I know it can't possibly be nearly as good as Daggerfall, but I guess it is worth a try, right? Apart from reading the manual, what else is important to do? Any essential downloads, guides etc? (I know some of you are bound to know this game, because you make jokes about miniature giant space hamsters.)
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