October 4th, 2001



I went to talk with the boys at North Corporation, the shop that sold me the defective PC. It went as anticipated. I explained that the machine disconnected fifteen times in an evening, on a phone line that usually gave 1-2 disconnects in a week. I also explained that it did not work at all with an external modem that worked just fine with two other machines. They said this was impossible. I asked them to give me a new machine or repair the old. They told me to bring it to the shop so they could test and find out whether there was anything wrong with it or not. I pointed out that they accused me of lying, and they said no, but insisted that they would test the machine to see if it worked fine in the shop, in which case my phone line was the problem.

The sad thing is that I knew it would go like this, because they are human, and humans cannot avoid reacting this way. WHY, humans? Why are you so dumb? Would I spend my time (and cab fare) to replace a PC if it worked, just to spite them? Even though I knew how they would react, I remained polite until they had spelled out their accusations.

Why, why am I the only intelligent lifeform in this city?
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A "glowing" review

Wow. I just saw Unbreakable on DVD. I had not seen it on cinema, which I kinda regret, but bought it because my cosmic triplet Al Schroeder had a rather glowing review of it. Now, him being a fellow comic book geek, that is only reasonable. Anyway, now I'm glowing too.

Really, I'm like glowing hot. True, it is a bit hot here, but I wasn't that hot when I started watching the movie. It kinda developed while I watched. Weird. I'm radiating heat like I've been running for a long time, except I'm not winded or tired, just glowing. I wonder if this will happen every time I watch the DVD. Because if so, I can save quite a bit on heating this coming winter.

Anyway, the movie was good. Then again I have probably more than my own weight in comics here.
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