October 3rd, 2001


For small values of yay

So, after having spent another $200+ on my North desktop computer, I have a DVD player (which I haven't got along to testing yet as I have been unable to find the Lion King DVD in the local shops, one of which conveniently took massive water damage). And I have an internal modem which actually works, most of the time. It does not connect at more than 40 KB despite repeat attempts, despite being a 56K. Presumably it is not quite compatible with the hardware my ISP uses. There are also more sudden disconnects than on the old modem that I hooked on the portable. But it works.

This means that I can finally use my desktop PC for most of my computing needs, instead of having two computers vying for my limited desk space. The batteries on the portable wore out a year or more ago, and the power supply cable needs to be bent just so to work at all. Not to mention that I had to shuffle various things around to go from playing games to connecting to the Net. It also meant that any upgrades and other downloads for my programs had to go through the portable.

On the bright side, I can now start to fill up the ca 15GB free space on my computer. Any recommended downloads? ^*^
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It turns out that the computer doesn't work with this new modem either. Once it is warm, the modem will randomly disconnect after a few minutes. Then I may be able to reconnect eventually, or I have to turn it off first. It still does not work at all with an external modem, which has worked fine with two other computers.

I intend to confront the shop tomorrow and demand a new computer, or at least a new motherboard. I hope for the sake of my immortal spirit that they don't try my patience. I'm not a happy porcupine right now.
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