September 28th, 2001


Upgrades & repairs

Today I took a taxi (cab) to town and handed in my desktop PC. It's simply too heavy to carry for a kilometer to the bus and then another kilometer to the shop. (Well, actually I could do it, but my arms would hurt for some days after.) I told them to put in a DVD player. I don't have that now, so I can't watch Lion King on DVD. Which I intend to do. I kinda resented that I never got along to see it again. While it's not like going to the movies (and with my best friend no less) it should still be a pleasurable experience. There are also a couple movies I've missed.
I guess installing a DVD player is something one is supposed to do at home. But I'm also having them install an internal modem. I tried to do that at home when the computer was new (this summer) and it didn't work. I suspect the machine is defective and that they will now have to repair it.

The portable needs a new battery pack and power cord. I intend to get those later, when I get my desktop PC back. These last months my computing has been divided between the desktop (for high-range games) and the portable (for everything else, including Internet). In the near future, the plan is to use the portable mostly for portable thing (and not all that often) and the desktop computer for the daily stuff. We shall have to see how that goes. Right now I'm hungry. Must have food, or I'll puke.
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