September 21st, 2001



Was chastised by a friend on IRC. Friend said that he never got any comments on his LJ entries. Could not know what people thought, or even if they thought. Yeah. I don't know ... often when I comment on someone's post, no one else does, including the original poster, and I end up feeling like the clown in The Sims who comes into houses even though no one wants him and he's almost impossible to get rid of.

So ... what to do? Being everything for all men is hard when not all men are alike. (Not to mention the women. But who ever understood them?)
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It's now

I've got the roses, I've got the wine
With a little luck she will be there in time ...

-Actually, I haven't got wine. She's much better at those than I; almost everyone in her family is drinking, while I get a headache from even a small glass of anything. But I've got chocolate. Good chocolate. If she's on a diet (and she usually is) there will be so much more for me. And the roses, I got the color right this time. Yellow. Not like the time I had roses for the Great Earth Mother. Boy did she look funny at me. They all did. Yellow it is.
(snip more poetry because it is just stupid)
And as you stand there amazed at the door
and you wonder what all this is for:
It's just a simple thing from me to you
the lady that I adore.
And there's something that you should know.
It's that I've been missing you ...

Actually, I don't naturally miss people. But I think I can kinda close my eyes and concentrate hard for a few minutes and then I imagine that she's not there, and that she's not always with me in my heart and it's all empty. Then I'll have been missing her, and it will be so much cooler when she sees me and smiles and I say Hi and we drive off.
3 minutes now till impact.
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    Missing You (Chris de Burgh)