September 13th, 2001


"Ticked off"

I scratched my leg today and found that it was a tick! Yes, one of those small blood sucking insects that spread the dreaded and crippling Lyme disease. It must have jumped on me Tuesday morning when I was in the woods. But somehow it had taken its sweet time finding a vein, for it was still fairly small. So it's anybody's guess whether it had time to puke me full of Lyme bacteria. I shall have to keep an eye on the spot for the next day or two. I went to town and bought a 3m tick remover at the apothecary (drugstore?). It took a few tries, but off it came. So now I am "ticked off"! Tee hee. Tickless!

I was lucky it was on the front of my leg though. What if it had been on my back? I'm all alone, and have no one to remove any ticks on difficult places. That's what I say: Everything has a price. And the price of being alone is that I have no one to tick me off ...
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