September 3rd, 2001


Like a cloud

My mouth was itching. Almost all over the inside. Really itching, like "scratch me!". Then, a bit later, it got harder to breathe. No, I don't have asthma anymore. I had that as a kid, it was pretty scary, and I remain very conscious of my breathing. This felt kind of like a bronchitis, only it came too suddenly. I suppose it was something I ate. The Jaffa Cakes (chocolate & jelly cookies) perhaps - I ate three of those cookies around midnight. Or perhaps something earlier. Hard to say.
Of course, there is really no clear line between body and soul. It is hard to say whether the unease and discomfort comes completely from the tightness in my chest and throat, or in part the other way around.
But it is like a cloud passing before the sun. Dimming. Dimming safety, joy, life. Because I don't know what it is and can't control it.

I guess I should not complain. It seems a large number of my friends suffer from various painful or dangerous afflictions to the body or soul. I have had it very easy very long.

Yay! New day!

I am alive! Yes! As usual, yes, but I still love it. Now to check on my mail and my friends' journals, and another bright new day is before me.
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