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Porcupine Days
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Wednesday, August 29th, 2001

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Not feeling too well
It feels like I've swallowed a balloon which then inflated in my stomach. (Not that I really did, it just feels that way!) It is probably less dangerous than it feels, because I was like that for days on end last September. I survived, and even lost quite a few pounds. It feels like it might continue to swell up and choke me, but it didn't choke me last year. Really uncomfortable though. (And no, I haven't eaten a lot. It just feels like it.)

Current Mood: sick
Weird dreams just go on
Though this one loses much in the telling, for it was long. It featured a family (and as usual no one that I know): Mother, father and child. I was tentatively the child. And there was the Jesus. The mother believed that this mysterious person was actually Jesus Christ, the father did not. Yet they both associated with him, and he set them both up. He was extremely subtle, but it all came to a head about a game of chess. He made this game of chess so frought with meaning to them both that it became a true battle of their souls, a thing of life or death. Now instead of lovers they had become bitter competitors, all because of the subtle manipulation of "Jesus".
Oh yeah, and the house was wrecked too.
I suppose the moral is to never let people who claim to be Jesus tell you how to play chess. Or perhaps there is no moral, just a weird dream.

Current Mood: confused
So much for the eating ...
The "balloon" feeling in my stomach is still there. So much for spending my vacation eating. Still, I've eaten a cup of yoghurt so far today. Took me half an hour, but it was delicious. And let's face it, no one will weep if I lose a few pounds. While I'm not clinically obese, I'm in the borderland between normal and overweight, and it's not all muscles. ("What muscles?")

And now, I'm off to the city to withdraw a bit of cash. I can buy groceries by card, like most people do, but I like having a few tenners in my pocket. Besides, it's a nice city, and the weather is good. Shame about all the restaurants I had planned to visit. Perhaps another week. Or year. This is definitely not the time to meet exotic cultures, and eat them.

Current Mood: disappointed

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