August 28th, 2001


Dreaming of Kemayo

No, not like that. Literally. This morning, after a long and colorful dream, I got caught in this dream loop where Kemayo was thrown out of a drinking establishment. He was thrown bodily through the air for a distance of several yards and landed on top of a girl. None of them were hurt. The problem is, after a couple minutes or so the event repeated. This must have happened a dozen times or more, and I was sorely fed up with it. I was by now aware that I was in a dream (there are limits to my gullibility) and yet I was powerless to wake up. The loop was not exact ... there was a variable part, and I saw it from different angles, but always Kemayo was thrown out and always he landed on the same girl (whom I didn't recognize). I must have wasted half an hour or more on this, so it better be important somehow. Though I fail to see how.
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