August 21st, 2001


The incredible cowardly beard

I shave most of my face, and my beard grows at a decent rate. But for some reason, there is very little of it in the morning. A couple hours later, I'm full of stubble. I would probably look better if I shaved before going to bed! My best guess is that it retracts into the skin, or the skin expands to cover it, during night(*). Then the skin contracts again when I get into fresh air, or something. A strange thing it is, anyway.

Tax collectors and sinners

Added yet another "perv" to my friends page. In all fairness, she added me first. I find it slightly ironic that I, a christian mystic, seem to have a disproportionate number of online friends who are gay, bi, poly, or other non-vanilla tastes. (And that's not counting all the other strangeness of a less carnal nature.) Not that I mind in the least. My friendship is free and must be freely accepted. I do have a few very pure friends too, but suspiciously few of them seem to write journals. Hmm.
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