August 19th, 2001


Weird dream

This morning I had a truly strange dream. I dreamt that we were marching toward the False Temple. It was a war, but not just any war. It was the Lord's war, to end the reign of the peoples, to let His Kingdom come. And in the front were we, I and another. Was he a friend? A saint? An angel? The Christ? Two or more of the above? I know only the awe I felt, and the trust, and the love, and the victory. As we approached the temple, there was no longer any serious resistance. We came close enough. He reached out his arm and Spoke against the False Temple. So did I, though the words given me to Speak were different. We condemned the temple in the name of the Lord, and it fell. I threw myself to the ground and pressed my nose into the mud in worship and awe of the Lord, who has all power. And I dared not look, until it was over; for the Power of the Lord was there. And the earth shook, and the False Temple fell until there was not stone upon stone. And something awesome happened: Sin was lifted from the Earth. And I walked through the catacombs that had been under the temple yard, but that were now exposed. And people who had been slaves to many different sins were there, and they rejoiced in their freedom. I knew some of them. But there were others who were broken beyond repair. I saw one of them, a young man I once knew. He sat motionless, staring at another of himself that was trapped behind glass. That other just sat there grinning like he experienced the most wonderful thing in the world. None of him moved or showed any interest in the world, and I realized that he had been too deep in it and lost their soul.

I woke up, and suddenly I was myself again. I do not normally think like that.
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New Sim Comic up

I haven't started to make these into a coherent comic strip yet, just scattered episodes. Perhaps it will make more sense when I have introduced the main characters. But for those of you who already know the main characters, today's episode is:
Bad Timing is Everything (or the black & white version).

Disclaimer: Despite the vague familiarity of the characters, this is not based strictly on real life. Think of it as "Alternate history fiction". :)
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And again!

Yes! Another Sim Comic up! They may not be much to cheer for, but for me who can't draw a stick figure consistently, it's like the lame walking. So what if I can't run?

Oh yes, it is here. I am particularly happy with the last panel. That expression is so like real life!

On a related note, the texting. I feel that it is hard to read some of the texts. Would some background shading help, like I use in the last panel? A bit more subtle?
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