August 18th, 2001


Spelling bee?

Almost every day this summer unless it's raining, there is a bee on my mailbox. As is customary here in Norway, the mailboxes of about a dozen families are clustered together in a row (to make it easier for the mailman). But the bee is only on one mailbox, near the middle of the group, namely mine. Only yesterday was it on the mailbox to the right of mine, but today it was back where it belongs. I have read that bees have a rather limited lifespan. Perhaps this was a replacement and it screwed up its first day at work.

The bee doesn't do much. It just sits there or walks slowly, very slowly around on the lid of the mailbox. It is a daytime job only: I can get my mail in the evening just fine. What puzzles me is: What's the point? Bees are supposed to gather nectar and pollen for their kids. They are hard working, social insects. So why do they decide to assign one of their workers in the most hectic season to patrol the mailbox of some random guy?

It is a Sign, I say! A sign that I am someone important in the Cosmic Order of Things, and you should all bow down and read my diary. Or perhaps a sign that some neighbor kid has spilled candy spittle on my mailbox a couple weeks ago.
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