August 17th, 2001


I did a strange thing tonight

Actually it started on my way home from work. Suddenly there flashed this sketchy comic before my eyes. Only it was, like, about me. I know I can't draw even a stick figure consistently, so it would just remain there in my head. Then I came to think of the game The Sims, which Allison Way mentioned recently. So, after much hard play, I made a webcomic strip with The Sims! I even managed to make the Sims reasonably like the original characters, but some detail was lost in the process. Sorry about that.

I threw it up instead of Pic o'the day in my more "heavy" journal, along with a short essay on love. Mostly a more thorough version of the debate here yesterday.

Or you cold just look at the color or B&W version of my very first webcomic strip ... but then I almost have to tell you that it is heavily tongue in cheek. Guess who has read too much Stubble lately ...
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Thank the Light it's Friday!

Well, it is nice to be alive and awake. It is not so nice to be a little bit sick. It is fading already (morning sickness! Tee hee hee!) but I'll be late for job again. Today I'm thinking about free will, but I'm sure I'll get distracted during the day. Which kind of proves something about free will too, I guess.

Oh, and some Danish study show that people who drink wine are more healthy than people who drink beer. And richer. And prettier. And had more friends. And they were all this before they even started to drink wine. Heh. So if I start to drink wine, I'll be handsome last month. You cannot argue with logic! :)
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So it wasn't just here

The storm that fried two computers at work yesterday has swept across all of southern Norway. This morning, 100 000 families were still without electricity, many of them also without telephone. Twice as many lightnings have struck as at any day before. Houses were set on fire, trees fell across roads and railways and power lines. Woo! The Cherubim are restless?

For some reason, storms excite me. Probably because I've never lost neither friends nor property to their ravages. (Higher insurance costs don't make much of an impression on an emotional level.)

Just a quick lunch break note. See y'all on the bytestream!
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The price of fame ...

So, it came to this. Management has politely asked me to not refer to my workplace in my online writings. Oops, seems I broke my promise already! Then again, I think they should allow a last meal. I have never named the workplace or anyone working there, only used inside code names and only told cutesy stories. I like the people, even though I am politically opposed to the actual function, and I have no enemies that I know of. Still, they were clearly worried that I might offend someone.

The south coast of Norway is our local Bible Belt, and people are more easily offended than elsewhere. If I had mocked them as mercylessly as I mock myself, I cannot imagine what would happen. It would certainly have been a good time to look for a new job!

So from now on if you wonder what's going on at my workplace, you'll have to use your imagination. And perhaps Dilbert.
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