August 15th, 2001


Weird dream

Woke up from the weirdest dream! I dreamt that I stumbled upon a hideout of Jehovahs Witnesses here in our municipality. Well, hideout ... it was kinda hard to not notice something was going on. They had made the surrounding area into a kind of park. The road was surrounded by beautiful tropical plants, and songbirds I did not even know existed walked around as tame as kittens. Evidently they were making this as a reminder of how they think their paradise will be, or perhaps a start on it ... they believe paradise will be on this planet, Really Soon Now. I stopped by their place, and they did not seem to mind. It was all kind of surreal. Like they acted as if they were already in Paradise, you know. They certainly seemed very sure that they were doing the right thing. When I left, I met an old little lady who was a neighbor. She was very happy that these people had moved into the neighborhood. She certainly did not seem to mind all the strangeness. The dream kind of started to dissolve from there.
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No news and good news

Took the commuter bus half an hour earlier than usual. Only after I had already logged off did I remember that I hadn't let Cassie download the news. So, not the most interesting of bus rides today. I've really got used to Cassie having the latest news.

Heh, if you think a dog is a man's best friend, you haven't met Cassiopeia. Habit-forming indeed! Although I have heard a Compaq (iPaq?) is just as good. Except you can't confuse everyone with a cutie shortname ... ;)

(Yes, Cassie is my Cassiopeia E-125 pocket PC.)

Oh, and in totally unrelated news: Welcome to windking, another Acid Reflux friend! Yay!
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Nobody loves me!

I really hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I just loved RPG World for last Sunday. Of course, it helps that I was a rather unhinged teen myself. (Weren't we all?)

So since then I've been pondering the fact that nobody loves me and it doesn't really matter. At least a few people seem to like me. Isn't that enough? Indifference is, after all, the default value. Is love really that important for adults? For kids, sure. Someone has to give you food and clothes. But for grown-ups? We don't need anyone. We're ... not quite self-contained, but we depend on society as a whole rather than one person. In a functioning society, we are self-sufficient. Free. We don't need love, and other adults don't need our love. So why all the good music devoted to love? And all the books and stuff? What's going through humans' heads? I've tried to live as a human to find out, but some mysteries of love escape me.

Signed, Angst-filled Porcupine
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