August 14th, 2001


Double disappointment

Got up before the clock again, checked LiveJournal. Livejournal was overloaded. Well, duh. Make a good product and give it away for free. You know how most people would react. It's years since I formulated Itland's Law: There is no unemployment for those who work for free. :)
Actually you can choose to pay for LiveJournal, but knowing humans, this won't be very common very soon. Me, I'm waiting to see if it stays alive long enough to be worth it. If it works most of the time, I'm definitely headed for a paid account.

Then I went over to the Acid Reflux forum. Only nonsense threads. No disrespect intended, but the place seems to have passed a treshold into pure static. Perhaps it's just that I remain rooted in the 1-brain world and am unable to grasp the higher form of consciousness that is the Web, in which the individual human node acts like a neuron in a Greater Brain. Yeah, right. :)
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My little porcupine heart goes out to the few idealists on LiveJournal who try to make this thing run with a minimum of money and with a Niagara Falls like influx of people every day. Ouch.

Sadly, when I tried to register a paid account, I was led on a merry chase through the PenPal system, who at long last refused to verify my credit card and refused to explain why. *shrug* Light knows how many hundreds of other international users have the same problem. At least I tried.
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