August 13th, 2001


Morning, sort of

I woke up after four and a half hour of sleep from vivid dreams of my LiveJournal Friends page beeing full of new entries. It was absolutely teeming, and I could not go back to sleep. Say it with me brethren: "When he's got a fad, he's got it bad."

Of course, there were only two new. Entries. Not that they were bad, mind you. Oh well. I can always nap in the afternoon.
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Lunch break!

Not very hungry, since I've already eaten breakfast 3 times today. Heh. That's just the kind of guy I am, a breakfast guy. I rarely eat dinner or supper, just a few snacks in the afternoon. Mostly yoghurt.

Anyway, bought shoes! Ecco City. They set me back $105 (including the infamous value added tax, a kind of huge sales tax). No wonder I wear my shoes till they wear out. But I've had this type before and they did not hurt my feet. I walk quite a bit. That's just the kind of guy I am ... :)

Forgot to use my credit card and paid all at once. Rats. I'll probably get used to it sooner or later.
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I've been home for nearly an hour and a half (according to my Internet timer, heh). Gone through my daily selection of free online comics, which took some time in itself. Some of them are really quite good. And some are just meant to be fun.

Did you know that saying "Mewn" in a cat-like voice feels very good? It gives a sense of pure pleasure. "Mewn? Meewn?" I say it a lot and it feels very good. You may want to not do this during class, corporate meetings etc.

Mewn is Copyright Ryan Smith, or at least the character Mewn in his comic "Funny Farm" is. That's how I accidentally discovered the Secret of the Mewn ...

Right now I'm trying to compose a RP post on the Acid Reflux board, but dredging up the backstory is a natemere. It is also hard to concentrate when I feel so good. Perhaps I should put on some music to stop the nonsense singing in my head ...
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Calming down

Posted the RP post. As usual, it doesn't really do anything important. I just like to add color to the stories. And I just like to write. But you probably noticed that already!

Now to finish my daily post in the big journal too. I'm not going to stay online this much every day (I could hardly even afford it in the long run, even if I had time for it).

Spent much of the afternoon getting into the story of the roleplay. It's one "thread" on a message board but actually consists of many separate subtreads. Takes some time to sort out. Not that I'm saying anyone was a baka for insisting on having it all in one thread, of course. :) Actually, some of the threads would probably be buried far back in the archives if not for this approach. Still, there is bound to be some better way to do this in the future. A web page with the threads sorted out, perhaps. For now, I've just copied "my" thread to a notepad file.
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