August 11th, 2001



Is this thing on?
What am I doing here?
Oh yes. I stopped by the Acid Reflux IRC channel and there was a lot of jumping up & down about SunTyger's quiz and SunTyger's friends. Evidently she has a lot of friends. This is understandable from what I have seen of her behavior. Anyway, it turns out lots of the Acid Reflux gang was on LiveJournal and had great fun with it.

Actually I already have a daily journal and stuff elsewhere, at ... but it's not for amateurs: Long entries, long sentences, long words. This one will be quick and ... ok, not dirty. Easy, perhaps. For the IRC generation. For the people who know me mostly as a porcupine. I think.
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Say "cheese"!

Yay! It worked! Oh happy day. I am now peddling LiveJournal to my friends. You may say I have moved into a missionary position, for now.

The sun is shining brightly here in southern Norway, but it's not painfully hot. Just right for a walk. I enjoyed the bright colors, the mild air, the many smells. And being able to walk uphill without panting. Not being overweight rules!

Of course, it is anybody's guess how long that will last, with all the delicious food around. Today I am eating cheese-bread bricks with cod caviar, potato salad, spices and extra cheese. What can I say? That's just the kind of guy I am. Cheesy!

Life is good! And so is cheese! Yay!
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