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Gotta catch them all

All the expansion packs for The Sims, that is. I bought the last one today, Makin' Magic. And I mean literally the last. Sims2 is expected to launch in 53 days, 6 hours and 20 minutes. It probably won't be sold here in Norway until it is translated, so probably around May 2004 here. Or I may try to persuade one of you to buy it for me on release date and send it by air mail. ^_^* Depends on how I feel, if at all, by then.

Makin' Magic is a pretty obvious attempt to cash in on Potter-mania. That said, it is a pretty big expansion, 3 disks, 1.3 GB, adding another remote area (Magic Town) along with Downtown from Hot Date, Old Town from Unleashed, and Studio Town from Superstar. And it has entirely new elements for this game, such as quests (necessary to obtain reagents) and the need to hide your magic doings from the non-magic Sims (which are not called muggles at least). If you make magic while non-magic Sims watch, a controller will appear and erase their memory as well as sue you. On the other hand, the more spells you cast, the higher the magic ambience on your lot, and things begin to happen spontaneously ... If you grow magical enough, you may move out of Neighborhood and into Magic Town to live there. Woo.

I expect to write a full review in the Chaos Node later this week.
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