Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
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In other news, the incredibly bad luck of the guys at has struck again, and conveniently erased all the almost 3 years of my other, long, daily journal, along with my Daggerfall fan site, my Sims fan site, and my free fantasy story. I have to admit that having followed their misadventures for a couple years, I have a hard time believing it is all due to just bad luck. It takes dedication to muck up as royally as these boys do. Then again, it was always free. Thank the Light I considered against paying for it.

On the blindingly bright side, I have all of it on my local harddisk, most of it also on a zip drive, and quite a bit on my local ISP. (No such thing for LJ, though. Not because I trust them to always be there for me, but because of the more casual nature of these notes. I guess I'll still miss them if they just vaporize into eternity, though. I shall have to take care to never say anything profound here ...)
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