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OK ...

Just because I lost NaNoWriMo doesn't mean I'll scrap the story. I've been working on the final chapters, but I have the outline for the next chapter in my head if my body holds up so I guess I could return to that.

It being a new month, one of the muses in my head has come up with another story, somewhat different but possibly even more anime-inspired. I have taken notes for later use. Does any of you know if the title "Sugar High School" is taken? ^_^* Doesn't look like it from Google, and I like it.

On a note so vaguely related that I won't even begin to explain it, Touya-kun and Shindou-kun are really kinda innocute. I had forgotten just how much. I am tempted to re-view the whole series now.

OK, I lied.
The main character in my next story is kinda opposite of the first. He is the son of a woman who is kinda the superhero of her world; she is the daughter of a celestial planeswalker and has an enormously powerful healing aura and protective magic. Needless to say, she is world famous, and so are her two kids, the oldest of whom is transferring to Sugar Hills High School after being home schooled until now. Sugar Hills is a nice, quiet middle class neighborhood. But soon the families there are offered ridiculously high prices for their homes by rich families from all over the globe. Rich families with daughters in high school age...

Yes, I've nabbed the central point of Maburaho ("Girls everywhere! And they are only after my genes! Waah!") and taken it to its logical conclusion ("You can only trust boys, after all") which is where I need a non-hentai boy-boy relationship. If anyone can offer other equally innocute examples of these, I'm all ears. You should have until new year's at least, I'm afraid, since I estimate DarkEyes to last till then.

And now to find something boring to do so I can sleep.

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