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Another day, another chapter.

Yes, the fad persists, although my arm is slowly going to the dogs. Or the docs, preferably. I am considering nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs.

Anyway, "Island of light" sounds like a good place to spend a holiday. It is actually the darkest and creepiest chapter so far, and it's all exposition all the way baby! Have to make the male character thoroughly miserable before we introduce the magic of love. "Das ewig Weibliche zieht uns hinauf!"

For the next chapter, I would like the name of an empowering chick-flick from the mid to late 90es, but I can survive without it if necessary. Was Thelma & Louise an empowering chick-flick? I think it is from that time period.

And now it's time for an empowering anime! ^_^

Oh, yes. The link.
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