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The online space strategy game Planetarion is ready to start another round. This time it is all pay.

I was one of those who first aired the idea of going pay. The round I played was a nightmare of overloaded servers, multiing and farming. (Multiing means that people played several different planets and cooperated with themselves. Farming meant that they made planets that only initiated asteroids for their other account to raid.) In addition, the galaxy where I played had only a few active members: Most just logged in, perhaps stayed a few days, and then disappeared, leaving big holes in the galaxy. And of those who stayed, some were kids with only rudimentary knowledge of English and no idea of strategy; this didn't exactly make it easier to hold the galaxy together.

I guess, now that they've gone pay, that it behooves me to buy an account. At $10, they are not exactly back-breaking. It seems they accepted my credit card (like online bookstores do, but neither iBill or PayPal which LJ use. Go figure). Since the minimum quantity is 2 accounts, I guess if one of you kids wanna play, you could tag along.
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