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Onegai twins

Watched two episodes of this anime. The plot is extremely contrived even for a schoolkid romance drama anime: One day, two girls (independently of one another) arrive at the house of a young boy who is living alone. They both claim to be his long lost twin sister, and they both have the same picture that he has, showing a baby boy and girl and the house which is now his.

All three of them have unbalanced personalities, each in a different way. The interactions between these personalities could be interesting in itself. However, the recurrent twincest innuendo keeps screaming "contrived, contrived!", drowning out the plot. I never thought that I would actually see that kind of innuendo in broadcast-level material. It is rather disturbing. Some topics are simply not possible to handle well, I believe. And in any case, this anime is not doing it.

The graphics are good, the landscapes are better than most I have seen in anime, even the weather. The plot, while openly contrived, is new and interesting. This anime could have been so good.
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