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New day, new interview

These questions are from shmitz.

1. I know that you are a somewhat religious person, but I don't really know many specifics. Are you of any particular denomination? What sort of beliefs do you hold on morality? Mortality?

I am a Christian, but a heretic even among heretics. The heretics in question are The Christian Church, an originally Norwegian piety movement. While they have done a lot for me, we largely parted ways several years ago. They are generally much more sceptical to sinners than I am.
As for morality, I stick like a hungry tick to the Golden Rule, but with an old-testament radius. That is to say, I try to do the best I can for my "neighbor" - the people I already interact with. It is a very useful tool, the Golden Rule ... do towards others what you would want others to do towards you. I am utterly incompatible with rule-based morality, in which you have to remember how to act in various situations. "Chaotic good" is probably an accurate description.
As for mortality, unlike the vast majority of Christians I don't believe in an immortal soul. I believe we have an immortal spirit which God will call home at the end of our life, but our self-awareness resides not in this life energy and creative spark, but in the soul, which is subject to change and eventually death. Eternal life is a privilege, never a punishment, and I dare anyone to read the Bible through from start to end, preferably in an unfamiliar language , and come up with a better explanation. It also makes sense in a metaphysical way: A Supreme Being that would let its creatures linger in pain eternally, is hardly worthy of worship! I could not bow to a God who is morally inferior to me, no matter how powerful, just like I don't do that with worldly authorities. Conscience first, law second.

(I guess this will teach people to not mention matters of religion in my presence...)

2. What are your thoughts on age versus mental maturity, and what's it like hanging out with a bunch of people young enough to be your children?

I love hanging out with the next generation, because it is generally more intelligent than my own (due to the Flynn Effect, no doubt). I find young people today to have a wider range ... some just drop out and keep dropping, while others are more informed and reflected than most of the parent generation. I think you need a certain critical mass of (experience * intelligence) to reach maturity ... you must remember and reflect on life experiences. If one of the two is too low, maturity will be delayed, possibly forever. Being mature is about having a realistic view on our place in the world, not about giving up all fun.

3. If you could have Tsaiko write one fanfic specifically for you, what would it be from and what would it be about?

My favorite fanfic would be from Mahou Tsukain ni Taisetsu na Koto / Someday's Dreamers. The magic of the heart that permeates that world always touched me. I am sure Tsaiko could write something beautiful, preferably a small episode in continuation of the original series. Perhaps related to Yume's travel home. But knowing Tsaiko, I fear she would be more likely to write about the bishounen like Oyamada-sensei.

4. For a while now Del and I have wanted to thank the person who bought us our dining table from our wedding registry. We've sort of suspected it may have come from you, due to your tendency to get people things from their wishlists, but we've never actually confirmed that. Sooo... was it you? ^_^

I did buy something unwieldy for your wedding, because I remember wondering how they would get it to you. It may well have been a table. That they did not mention the sender was a pleasant surprise. But I should have known that you would find me out. I guess I may as well confess.

5. Whatever happened to your NaNoWriMo story from last year? Did it get discarded completely, or do you think you might try to rework the aspects of it you were dissatisfied with (or have you already)?

Like in all my novels, the characters gradually acquire free will, and I lack the creative genius to make the history come together without violating their freedom. I make a lousy creator, I'm afraid. But if I am still around when November comes again, I will make yet another failed attempt. [EDIT: Not at the same story of course!] That is just the kind of guy I am.
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