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Before the Net, there was ... Amani!

To me, amani is almost literally the girl next door ... we even worked in the same building for a while! She is the only local LJ friend. But I did not meet her in town ... I met her on a BBS, back when those were all the rage, just before the Internet came and made BBS as necessary as a well at the bottom of a lake. I knew her online before I first saw her at a pizza party for local BSS geeks, and she made a good impression despite her being rather young. Not sporty, but rather cute. She tried to convert us all to believe in Savic pop music. (Some of it is actually OK and way underrated. Given the content of most pop music, it is probably just as well not to understand a word...)

Even though we live so close, we never visit each other or do anything at all together. That's just the kind of people we are. Besides, once again my age shows. People are naturally wary of dirty old men ... (Actually I am not all that dirty, it is a skin illness, but you get the point.) Perhaps I should make an attempt to convert her to animeism ... we could need more otaku / chibis around here. Chibi Amani! Now that would be a sight. ^_^
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