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The irreverent reverend: Skyknyt

One more Acid Refluxer here. At first I thought skyknyt was just a thoughtless ecchi teenboy, angry at religion for not getting any. Rarely have I been more wrong. Skye is a mystic like myself (well, not entirely like me, but more so than most). While I have chosen to integrate my mystic experiences with my religion, Skye has chosen to nourish his skepticism. Incidentally, he is an ordained minister ... a story in itself. As for not getting any ... Skye is one of the most handsome men I have seen on the web (well, excluding those who make a living from it) - either that or correspondingly photogenic. Good thing we are not rivals ... usually. ^_^

Skye was the helpful person who sent me the Shrouded Island expansion pack from America (I cannot use the European version). He is also a veteran Daggerfall player and allround nice guy. So I guess he is OK ... for a goddamn heathen ...

Oh yeah, and he's writing fiction too. Some of it is really really weird, but what do you expect? Weirdness or even creepiness in fiction has never booted anyone off my friends list, nor is it likely to start now.
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