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The Eternal Brother: LightHawk

lighthawk is not my brother, of course. He is the generic brother. Everyone's brother, even the girls. This is not necessarily a good thing in the long run ... I think people may miss out on his other dimensions. He is a young man of considerable depth and courage, fiercely loyal to his ideals and to his friends.

Lighthawk is another Acid Refluxer, but the ecchiness (indecency) of the forums and channels has bounced off him like water on wax. He has an innocence that comes from choice rather than simple inexperience, a rare thing. And unlike some "pure" people he is not a party killer, but a man of considerable humor, an avid roleplayer and my best source of advice on anime. If Lighthawk recommends an anime, it is the next thing to an angel from Heaven coming down and saying "You are going to like this one!" I have never failed to enjoy anything he has recommended.

Lighthawk is an avid Go player (or at least he was last I heard). I hope some day to be able to have him play a teaching game with me ... if only we lived in similar time zones ...

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