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I am rather picky in who I share my bed with, to say the least. But I guess it makes sense that now and again some disgusting little creep will try anyway. This time it was a centipede. (I've had a rather large spider before.)

It was moving about in my bed when I arrived. Since I don't like to touch them, I picked it up on the latest issue of Tommy & Tigern'n (Calvin & Hobbes) and threw it out in the hall. Immediately it set its course for my bedroom again. I tried to scoop it up again, but by now it had found out. It bolted for my bed. I thought having that many legs would slow you down, but boy was I wrong. The speed they move about with normally is just a leisurely stroll for them. For someone with a human mass, the corresponding speed would have been illegal in populated areas for sure. I managed to thwap it before it reached the bed, rolled it in dust, and while it was still confused, scooped it up on the paper and threw it all the way out in the night. I didn't go any further than that (I was only in my boxers and the door knew it; they like nothing better than to slam shut if I'm outside without keys) so I spent some time later in my bed in the dark, wondering whether it eventually found its way back in ...
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