Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Snail mail

Wow! Post cards! Thank you, Kellie and David! Thank you, "Tsaiko"! *hugs* Even though I don't know how you found my snail address, I do appreciate it. ^_^

Also got a letter from brother. Seems a new generation relative of mine has Asperger Syndrome. Oh well. It's not exactly a disaster. I would have been more worried if he were evil or greedy.

And finally, a comic from City of Heroes. I've read it online already, except for the last panels. In the glass monter it goes.

Not bad for a week of snail mail. Of course, there is also a large stack of mail order catalogs and such, but then again there always is. With snail mail, I have at least the satisfaction of knowing that they've paid for the stuff I don't read, so they lose a little bit of money every time. May it soon be that way on the Net too! Now, off to works.
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