Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Too little Ge, too much Force.

Bought GeForce 3 Titanium 200. Already when I turned on the machine, the computer decided that it was a Titanium 200, but insisted that it needed certain files. These were not the files on the CD. It then started up in 16 color, 640x480. Any attempt to choose another screen resolution results in a black monitor. I eventually got in on System in control panel (it's a WinME) and selected the driver in the appropriate folder on the CD. The machine dutifully installed, but it still cannot show anything more than 16x640x480. Currently I am downloading the newest driver from Nvidia, but it is a good bet I will be stuck with this screen until I remove the card. I'll keep you posted, when the computer allows.
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