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Immunity to distance: 10%

OK, this is getting ridiculous. See, a week and a half ago I decided to walk for an hour every day when feasible, or half an hour if not. It has been feasible almost every day so far. But the last couple days I seem to have leveled up or something. Both yesterday and today I had to walk noticeably longer to get a full hour, especially today. I usually take the route I have used most Saturdays since I moved here, to the grocery shop and back. But now after 20 minutes I pass the gas station that used to be my 25 minute marker. Which means unless the road has shrunk, I am walking considerably faster. (The stiffness in my legs each day certainly agrees with this.) Yet when I return after an hour, I have used 10% fewer calories than I used to spend on my Saturdaily walks.

In other words, after a week and a half I move 20% faster but use 10% less energy - not on the same distance but the same TIME spent at the faster pace. I seem to be developing immunity to distance. At the current trend, I will be able to teleport to the shop and back around the time my lease runs out... 0_0

Well, obviously not. Life is not a superhero game. Or that's what I've been told. I suspect random variations in metabolism or something.

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