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Day of the terrifyingly beautiful backside

OK, this is one of those incidents that make me doubt the relationship between cause and effect. Yesterday I wrote this essay on the history of the buttocks from the great apes until they were eclipsed by the breasts in historical times. And then today I saw what I believe must be one of the 3 greatest behinds I have met in my whole life. No, seriously. And it was just kinda parked there as the lady was deeply engrossed in some activity, so there was all the time I could possibly want to study it closely. Except after a little while my arms and legs grew all weak and jelly-like and my heart was beating very hard like when I am afraid, so I walked away. It was not a butt worth dying for. But it sure was impressive.

Also this morning I had the strong impulse to put my digicam in my bag before going to work, but I resisted this because I have enough to carry and besides, what would I use it for in the city? If I had followed that stray thought, I could now have a close-up picture of that butt to illustrate my essay.

I think we need to re-evaluate our belief about the flow of time. What if I wrote that article yesterday because I would see that woman today? Kinda like you sometime dream about something that happens the next day instead of the day before.
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