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The mandatory update ...

My head is aching, my nose is stuffy and runny with goo, my muscles are stiff, I'm tired and hazy, and the ultra-nationalist Republican Party has seized full control of the USA.

But! NaNoWriMo is up to almost 14000, and there is more! I accidentally discovered how to HTMLize each chapter separately and get an index, so it will now be easier to jump to the new parts.

Speaking of new parts, the story now has the beginning of a plot! No, it didn't have that before. People just ran around doing what was in character for them to do. Now I realize why Elisabeth insisted I write that drama chapter, but it was too early. I have moved it down to chapter 12. I may still have an Elisabeth chapter 8, but if so it will be about her girl troubles and may (if I am lucky) explain what happened in chapter 12. Chapter 10 is little more than a placeholder where I want to write in the coming of the catgirl. The catgirl is really not necessary to the plot, but everybody loves a catgirl. (Except possibly the dog.)

Url is still

Oh, and if you're writing epic fiction (a bit more epic than this, I'd say) you may want to listen to "Galaxy of Magic" by Digital Explosion.

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