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Go me!

I've got a head cold. *sniffles*
But at least I've written another light-hearted chapter. The succubus is back, and she's still not making much headway. I, however, am up to 12200 words. Go me! Quantity over quality!

"I should have a skirt." He blushes. "Er, it's not for me! I mean, it's for a ... woman."
"You are in luck" smiles the shop assistant. "We have lots of skirts for women. All of them, in fact. Were you thinking of anything special?"
"Well, I brought these tapes."
"Tapes? Oh. That kind of tape."
"The long one is around her hips, and the short one is around her waist."
The shop assistant looks at the two tapes, then at him, then at the tapes.
"Is this for a real woman?"
"Er, uh, not literally ..." I can't possibly tell her I have a succubus at home! "That is, she is real enough, she's just not an ordinary woman."
"I'd say not."

Whole ball of yarn:
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