Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

My aura is beautiful...

But unfortunately that's my migraine aura. That's what they call the distortion of the brains vision processing during the onset of a migraine attack (and some other conditions, but in my case migraine). I wish I could have shown it to you. Unfortunately, when it is finished, there is queasiness and stuff like that, and now the headaches. I was lucky to arrive at my office around a quarter of the way through the aura and immediately started brainwave entrainment with alpha waves, this seems to have helped somewhat. I am also naturally resistant to moderate pain. And for good measure, I got a visit from a coworker who has just returned from four months of cancer therapy. It does put things in perspective. Still, I would probably have gone home if I was sure I could do that without throwing up. Migraine is not part of my job description after all...
Tags: health
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