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Apartment hunting online

My first day of studying available apartments online. Strangely enough, the most likely candidates are nearby. But if I move further away from the city, I can get a lot more for the money. Less rent, but more commute expense, so the price would be similar, but I would get more for it. The furthest away I looked at (in Kyrkjebygd) has a two hour commute to the city. This does not really deter me, I love commuting. Imagine all the reading and meditation I could get. But unfortunately the commute bus home goes too early, so that I would only get a bit over 6 hours of work. The next bus goes at 9PM, having me home an hour to midnight, barely enough time to sleep before running to the bus next morning. Shame. Next project: Check the two hour radius with train. It should take me pretty far, and be more comfortable too.
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